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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. welcome to fun day monday here at nbc news. >> what does that mean? >> it's december 5th. it's just, believe this, 20 days left until christmas. >> less than three weeks to shop and do everything. >> you can sense the momentum in town. it's getting heavier and heavier. more people, more stuff going on. you have to plan ahead because of the traffic. >> map out your traffic. >> map it out. how was your weekend?
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>> it was very nice. something unique happened. >> unless it's me singing, can we cut the music? >> that is rude. had a fun weekend, dinner, this is the most surprising thing about my weekend. jay and i are walking down broadway in the 70s. >> jay, love him. >> we go into duane read. you're not going to believe what we saw. will you show this picture? there is a bar in duane read. look at it. it's only beer. i think because they can sell beer, okay? >> not to minors. >> they have set up a full-on bar. you can get your prescription filled from upstairs and go down -- is that unbelievable? am i the only one shocked? duane reed has a beer bar in the drug store. >> is that your favorite thing? >> no. i'm shocked. we saw "life with marilyn." loved it.
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>> you had a pretty big night last night, fancy. >> i don't like big weekends because i have a big week so, yeah, i recuperate. but saturday night we went out to dinner with regis and joy. hadn't seen him since his last day. >> how is he? >> are you kidding? he's reg. he's been on the big book tour. everywhere he goes they are getting record crowds, 700 books. he says it's upset him because how much more can regis do? but the truth is i think it's touching him how people love him. >> are people coming up to him? >> one woman shall remain nameless except her name was sunday. we are sitting there in this booth, great new restaurant called gabriel's.
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beautiful. banquets so you can sit back and hear everybody. believe me at our age we're all wearing ear things, like what? what? this sunday shows up and she is beautiful. reminds me -- tells us off the bat her name is sunday, she is lit like a christmas tree and she is 62 years old. the woman looks 20. she's beautiful. >> really? >> she is, shall we say, a healthy woman. you know? she is wearing a low-cut dress and leans in like this to tell us all these things. >> no, she didn't. they were hanging out? >> they are getting quite a view back there. merry christmas. didn't realize. anyway, frank and joy and i were talking to frank and regis were like dumb-founded. what are we going to do with sunday? she stayed a while.
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people like that always have to come up and tell you something. everybody is saying, sorry you're retiring. he is sick of saying i'm not retiring. i left the show. i'm going to do other things. >> did he say what he's going to be doing? right now he's on the book tour and going to take time for the holidays like everybody else. and recuperate and in january find out way was going to do. >> you were busy last night. >> it was a big, big -- yeah, there we are. last night we went to the premiere of "war horse" the new stephen spielberg film based on the children's book that i guess was very successful, not originally when it was first written, but became like a classic. never read it as a child, did you? >> no. i didn't. >> hoda and i, whenever it first came out went to see "war horse" at lincoln center.
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at the vivian beaumont theater. it's still running. if you ever want to give yourself the greatest treat in the world theatrically. >> it didn't sound like my cup of tea, but going to the show, at the lincoln center with those horse puppets, you are literally crying at the end. i couldn't believe it. >> hoda and i are never at a loss of words. we walked out of the theater and walked back to our apartment, stunned. tears streaming. it was so beautiful. spielberg had a huge job to capture. for people who have never seen the play, they will be so moved by the movie. people who see the play will say he did a great job, but he doesn't quite reach to that standard. everything spielberg does is -- >> a home run. >> a home run. he is our greatest export. think of the movies stephen has made through the years that represents the best of us, the
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best of the human spirit. this movie represents the best of the animal spirit. the relationship between joey and the other horse is just unbelievable. >> i'm dying to see it. >> hi, jer. jer is lurking over there. we don't know why. it's a beautiful film and opens christmas day. >> here is something new happening in theaters around the country and in play houses and things. you're not allowed to get on your blackberry or phone. they are strict about that. >> they almost kicked me out of lincoln center. lights up, people are coming in and i'm expecting a message from a friend, you know who it is, a serious thing going on in her life. i said it's a voice mail. i bet it's from, it was. doing nothing, not talking, obviously, being quiet. this woman comes and rails me out. i felt like i should go to jail or something. >> they have prison. broadway houses, things like that, there is nothing like that. things are starting to change.
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they are putting in certain play houses tweet seats. they set you aside from everybody else and tweeting is a form of pr. you tweet, i'm at this show, what show, where are you going? >> what if you're tweeting this stinks? >> that's risk. >> this is the worst thing i've ever been at. how about that? >> i went to see "lion king" with my niece. people are snapping pictures of their kids in the theater. people get upset. they jump on them saying, you're not supposed to take a picture. >> i understand during the show. i don't think you have the right to man handle people because they are not hurting anybody. to go to a premiere now you have to go through security, leave electronic stuff there with your name. >> give it up. >> you know what it makes you want to do?
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stay home. it does. home is looking better and better. >> if you were watching the kennedy center honors, they honored a bunch of people. meryl streep, neil diamond. >> barbara cook, yoyo ma. >> neil diamond was singing "sweet caroline." >> imagine that. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> lionel richie. >> i did not know "sweet caroline" was about caroline kennedy. >> she doesn't seem to know the lyrics. >> she's over the lyrics i think. >> there's been a big story in new york that caused a lot of controversy. there is a second grade teacher having a geography class. 58-year-old teacher. they were talking about the north pole. a kid yelled out, that's where santa lives. the teacher shot back, no, no, i can't believe she said this.
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there is no santa, she said, it's parents who leave the presents. first of all the fact she doesn't believe in santa makes her out. >> she's dead us to. >> she spent all weekend calling parents and apologizing saying that to kids. i cannot believe for second graders she said that. >> i can imagine what it cost them. there is magic this time of year. if we didn't have little julia and isabella around our house all the time, they are 10 and 6. i keep christmas in my heart. i believe christmas is about the savior of the world coming, i believe all of that with my heart. it's a sacred time of year for me and my family, but when there are little ones around, you get caught up in the tree and get caught up in the santa and all of this stuff. you know what i did this year? we decorated our tree on saturday. for the first time we put all, i love all white lights. we left it that way.
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we all decided this year it feels like get rid of the stuff and just keep it simple. >> i like that. >> ornaments were thrilled. they were happy, like "toy story" -- well, that's the opposite of "toy story." >> i like that. can we do a favorite thing? this may be our last show and i'll tell you why. >> because i mentioned the true story of christmas. >> here is why it might be our last show. my favorite thing is something called "lucky scratcher." look at it. are you tired of using a coin to scratch off your lottery ticket? >> yes. it's one of my biggest pet peeves. >> why not get the lucky scratcher, $4.29. it holds like a pen. hold on. do yours, this could be your last show, too. >> if we win, we are out of here. >> yes.
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>> these are your numbers. scratch 'em right now. >> do 'em all. >> this doesn't work that well. oh, mine works. if we win the lottery on our show right now, would that not be a youtube moment. >> i would give everything to charity. >> you just said that out loud. >> what would you do? >> how do you know if you win? >> these are our numbers up here. start erasing them. this one is worth $3 million, mine is. >> that says what you win. >> do we have those. 3. >> i think you won. >> did i? >> we'll go over the cards. what is your favorite thing. i'll let you know if you won. >> this is called vitacare. as you get older, everything starts to fall apart. i would like to keep what i had, my original teeth.
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this is sugar-free and gluten-free and has vitamins in it, a, c, d, e and calcium. i like it. it also comes with a mouth wash and tooth paste, comes in different flavors. i'm trying to do anything i can do to keep what i have. >> isn't this a good stocking stuffer, back to me. you put in a scratch-off and this in someone's stocking. >> you win money. sara. >> i have this really cute bracelet. this is my favorite thing. they are about $15 on a website called live in grace, it's a sweet story. there was a girl that passed away at 15. her friend had a hard time dealing with the death. so they created this jewelry. all the proceeds go to the mckenzie foundation which helps kids recognize their dreams. i love the bracelet, but the story added. >> you sent some along to us. thank you.
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we are back with one of the famous baldwin boys, they're all men now. daniel is second born to the baldwin family and has been surrounded by a lot of drama in his life. >> the newest drama is in the form of a movie where he plays a lawyer who threatens the traditional spirit of christmas. like a scrooge character. >> it was. >> he is a bitter guy. he's been hurt by religion, hasn't he, and hypocrisy. >> he has a chip on his shoulder. the great thing was getting involved in the christian film
2:23 am
market for me. to do a movie where there are no foul words, there was no violence. >> and there is a message. >> it had a definitive message. >> i thought the dialogue was smart. a lot of these movies are not very sophisticated. they are afraid even starting out because it's a film, but this one had some really smart dialogue. you and ted magillie were going after it. >> he is such a great guy. >> did you actually shoot it in alaska. >> we did. >> you're looking very buff and thin. >> i brought you gifts. >> why, because we are not buff and thin? >> that is just mean. >> no. >> what is this? >> for people challenged in this department? >> this is the scog system, he is a fitness guru. they came to me and asked me to produce this video. i got the dreaded 50-year-old physical.
2:24 am
my doctor said you need to do something. >> your triglycerides were off the chart. >> this is the kettle ball deal. >> the iron ball with a handle on it. >> what do you do, swing it around? >> it's a little more into it than that. >> i see people go like that with it. >> he refined it to a master science. i lost over 50 pounds in less than five months. >> that is amazing. >> now i'm going to building lean muscle mass in my body. >> you're part owner? >> i am. i got so interested i'm part owner. >> last time i looked capitalism is still around. >> god wants us all to make money, too. >> to give it away. >> exactly. >> did you lose weight because of working out or change your diet and life? >> it's a system. you can check out www.scog and live well.
2:25 am
>> you've been living well. >> it's been five years now. >> five years sober. that is such a milestone. you're going through something in your personal life that is tough. you've got two little ones. >> i do. they are 3 and 2. my ex is getting help now. she is at a sober recovery center in malibu and trying to get the message. >> you are going through a divorce, right? >> yeah. >> daniel, that's tough, especially during the holidays. how can people see your movie? >> on dvd? >> check it on dvd. it's released on the 10th. "christmas with a capital c" and see a fine christian film. >> great. wish you and your family all the best. >> you look terrific. >> thank you. >> hot. >> up next, we are going to meet our fan of the week and "today's buzz."
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we are back to meet our newest fan of the week. >> first before we go to sara, fix the bangs. >> you don't like them again? >> there you go. >> okay, gorgeous. >> our winner is, drum roll, please, erica kemski, from farmington hills, michigan. she considers kathie lee and hoda her most worthwhile guilty pleasure. >> why guilty? >> i'm tired of people saying we are their guilty pleasure. >> she is a working mom who devotes most of her free time to her husband and two children. she loves ambush makeover so much she gave herself a makeover and bobbed her hair on her own. she says kathie lee and hoda are a jewel on morning television. >> that is sweet. >> i agree. you are jewels.
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we are sending you and a companion to florida space coast, the trip will include a two-night stay provided by the hilton melbourne beach oceanfront. two admission tickets to the kennedy space center, admission for two at the kennedy space center upclose tour. delta airlines provided airfare for two. enjoy your trip and keep watching. >> have a wonderful time. >> if you want to be our next fan of the week go to klg& invited to a holiday party but an awkward situation keeps from you going? our etiquette team is ready for solutions. >> and today's buzz. bonnie fuller was out last night. >> yes, she was.
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it's fun day monday which means it's time for "today's buzz." >> whether it was shopping or celebrating that caused you to lose touch with tinseltown this weekend, bonnie and roseanne are with us. >> happy post thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> today julie came on with her husband and made a big announcement about her breast cancer situation. we knew she was getting lumpectomy and said she was going to get a double mastectomy. >> that is right. what struck me so much was her courage and the intense love. >> when you watch them sitting together, so supportive. >> a very supportive man sitting beside her. this says a lot to women. you are very fortunate if you don't have to go through something like this alone and you have your loved ones supporting you. >> rather than her being fearful
2:37 am
and disfigured, how it deepened the love they already have for one another. that's true love, not the story we talk in hollywood, someone who falls in lust for 72 days. >> behind this decision was the couple wants to have children. that also says something about the commitment that's there. >> i loved how they were sitting together on the couch. that told me everything the way he is protective of her. >> bill said he wants julianna there for 50 plus years. he doesn't care about a mastectomy. >> we wish them such love and happiness in the future and health. >> let's move on to brooke mueller. she was arrested for assault and cocaine possession. >> one is a felony charge with cocaine possession. apparently, she slugged a woman at a night club in aspen, then moved on to another club where she was then arrested. >> what is going on there? >> that picture tells it all, too. >> she is clearly not in good shape. it was in aspen two years ago at christmas she originally called
2:38 am
police and said charlie sheen assaulted her. here she has been in rehappen -- rehab four times. now charged again. her parents have the kids, apparently. they didn't pay her bail, we hear. >> charlie paid her bail, $11,000, according to a source on radar online. her parents wanted her to stay in jail. >> news from madonna. she is going to be performing halftime at the super bowl. >> big show. >> she had an event last night. her movie "we" was appearing. have you heard how that went? bonnie and i were at the stephen spielberg. >> it's a movie about the duchess of windsor. i heard different things. i heard it's fabulous, then i heard it's terrible. the movie is going to open two days before the super bowl. that will be great publicity. >> she is nothing if not quite good at marketing things. >> and you know it's going to be wild. >> good news for tiger woods this weekend.
2:39 am
he finally won. >> i'm glad. he's been beaten up a lot. >> third time is a charm. he was on or close to winning twice this year but didn't hit the mark. it's a personal victory. >> he needs to get back that mojo. >> exactly. it's been two years 26 days since he won a tournament. i imagine that this will give him the confidence. it's such a mental game of golf. >> mindy mccready, i hadn't heard of her until this controversy came up. >> about the fact she had an affair with roger clemens. >> when she was 15. >> there was that detail. >> so what happened with the baby. >> her first multiplatinum was 10,000 angels. she will need that on her side right now. she had such a history of drug abuse. she had the boy zander 5 years old. for three days she wouldn't return him home.
2:40 am
her mother and father had custody. >> where did they find him? >> in a closet. it was actually in a home they believe is owned by her current boyfriend. >> the father of the twins she is pregnant with? >> yes. she is 7 months pregnant with twins. and the father is her former boyfriend. he previously also had been charged with assaulting her. this woman has such a terrible history. >> you know what she will probably be offered? a reality series. >> she's already been on a reality series, "celebrity rehab." >> i feel bad for her. she is a talented young woman could have the world by the tail. >> you never know the demons people have. >> thanks, ladies. >> that's why i want to know what roseanne colletti does. hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it.
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we all have to deal with automatic ward situations, especially during the holidays. whether it's about gift exchanges or awkward invitations, there is a solution. >> philip galanes writes the
2:45 am
social q's for the sunday style section of "the new york times." harriet cole is an etiquette expert and very good crocheter. >> she does everything. >> yes, she does. >> yes number one. >> question number one, my boyfriend and i have been going out three months. we have good jobs. last week he told me he wanted to place a $25 cap on our christmas gifts to each other. this seems way too low to me. should i go along with this or speak up? >> i know somebody who is not getting a sabel coat for christmas this year, i think. relationships, whether they last 90 days or 90 years, it's about communication and compromise. in a not hostile way she should say that seems low to me, what gives? because maybe he's under a mountain of debt or he's got credit card problems.
2:46 am
>> over the holidays it could be 10, 12 people you're buying gifts for. i know a couple that did this once. they used the number to get creative. i think if you ask why, why is it you want to do this, then together you figure out let's be the most creative we can, it could be turned into a positive. >> question two, we've been invited to a party at a friend's house, a couple. the girlfriend has not spoken to us in six months, but my husband works with the boyfriend and we think he is the one who invited us. i don't want to go because it will be awkward seeing her, but my husband wants to go. if we don't, it will be the first time in ten years we haven't attended. >> you go to the party. if you feel you want to call in advance and check in, you can. as a united front, the two of you go to the party. >> how do you act? >> as you normally do. >> it didn't say they had a fight or anything. life gets busy. some of my best friends i don't see. >> and you can leave early.
2:47 am
we have another party to go to or something and make another party. >> my family has holiday dinners at our mother's house with my brother, his wife and me. my mother does all the cooking. afterwards i tell my mother to relax while i clear the table and load the dishwasher. my sister-in-law never helps. is this me? this drives me crazy. >> some think they are to be served. >> some people don't think about it. the oblivion is part of it. i used to be that girl and realized i should help. >> the girl powerpoint here, what's the brother doing? he is just sitting there like an oaf. is the wife supposed to get up and clean the dishes? >> everybody. this is a joint venture, people. >> how about, easy answer, how about i wash, you dry. >> last quick would be. no one in my office ever exchanged gifts until last year when an annoying new secretary arrived and bought gifts for everybody and make us feel
2:48 am
guilty. >> why annoying? no, you don't have to. cards would be nice. >> good enough. >> 200 people work here at the "today" show. >> e-mail, use e-vite. >> gifts for people you care about. absolutely. >> thank you. >> up next, shopping for the challenging ones on your list. getting you ready for your tuesday, here's a look at the forecast for the day. notice the green. this is where we're going to see the rain. the white is where we're going to see the snow and somewhere in here we're going to have that little bit of a mix. where kwe do have the clear skies, we're going to have some very clear air. the blue, the pink, we'll see daytime high temperatures only in the 20s and 30s.
2:49 am
still mild in the southeast but it's going to turn out to be wet in the southeast. by wednesday chance for rain lingering around. that will be there on tuesday and then moving into the parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. clear and cold behind that, a little bit of snee in the northern rockies for wednesday. cold temperatures still going to be here but expanding to the south, upper 40s in dallas. cooler in many spots by the middle portion of the week. aly snow in the rockies and moving out into the plains. temperatures cooling off in the northeast. we'll have a chance for seeing snow possibly thursday morning. whether it ends up in the big cities, keep an eye on the weather channel for that. around the great lakes on friday is where we have a best chance for snow. rebounding in montana and denver, back into the lower 40s.
2:50 am
that's going to feel balmy after single digits early in the week. for saturday still cool but starting to see more locations getting above the freezing mark, above that 32 degree mark. on sunday another system entering into the pacific northwest, a little return flow. texas and florida could see a few showers but that's about it. on the weather channel weekdays at 6:00 in the morning catch "wake up with al." on my journe, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we are counting down to the holidays with online gift ideas for people hard to buy for in your life. >> every year you try to figure out the perfect gift for the problem person. stop the insanity. shopping expert jen fallick is here. >> is she here after having that baby? >> she did and she is skinny as a rail. >> everybody has the people that are impossible to buy for. >> it makes it unfun.
2:53 am
the first category is the friend who gets bored quickly, she unwraps it, loves it, wears it the next day and next time you go to her house it's in the closet. botox injections or the gift of the month club. every month you get beauty samples from there are tips in there, too. teaches you how to use things. for parents, citrus lane is a monthly club. it's a great gift for a new mom. every month you get new things. >> that is a great idea. >> and snacks. >> snacks. if someone loves healthy stuff,, every month you get new snacks that are approved by nutritionists. i think there are gluten-free
2:54 am
options in there every month it's something new. >> what is this the fashion section? >> you've got the friend who is the scorekeeper, looks at the box, looks at the label. you can't go to an offsite retailer. >> you need a new friend. >> you don't have to spend full price. you can go to they have all the products from the retailer. it can come wrapped. shop from there, you still save a lot of money like you were going to an off-price retailer. >> what's happening here? >> munchies. >> you have people you have nothing in common with. you have to get them a gift, but you don't know what they want. >> why are you buying for people you don't know and don't know what they like. >> maybe it's a mother-in-law, a teacher.
2:55 am has favorite honeys, favorite salts, vegan cookies. >> look at the decanter with the ice on the inside. >> that is really pretty. >> it doesn't get watered down. if your friends are into beauty and fashion, is a site that is curated. they have all different beauty insiders. you can get fun things like these cool necklaces. it's got your initials in there, too. >> cute. >> they are unique brands and finds approved by fashion and beauty insiders. >> lastly -- >> the friend who doesn't want anything someone else has, of a is so cool. they have unique and limited editions from upcoming brands. everything is numbered and sized.
2:56 am
there's information about when you give the gift, you can sound like you know what you're giving because they tell you the scoop on everything. there are runs of 5 to 50 pieces so everyone will not have it. this is made by scientists who create these out of resin and make it look like gemstones. >> thank you. >> you look great by the way. >> thank you. >> i thought it was sara jessica up here. up next, prep yg your house for easy holiday cleaning. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported.
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if you're hosting the holidays, but dreading the cleanup, we have prep work. >> the accidental housewife julie edelman has ways to save money, time and your manicure. >> much of the time we spend is in the kitchen. within 24 hours before you can do a few things to get rid of some of that hassle. >> show us. >> i was waiting for that. first of all, you might not believe this but it's true. turtle wax. be sure to check it and make sure it doesn't say flammable. use turtle wax and put it on
3:01 am
your stove ahead of time and let it dry to a haze. when it's done, buff it like you would on your car. i'm sure you buff your cars. >> only every other week. >> what does it do? >> when you have those splatters, it makes it easier to clean up. another great trick is baking soda. rather than putting it in this little box, repurpose. >> i can see that being trouble. >> it's not trouble. it's a deoderizer. >> i'm saying someone might put it on their eggs. >> but if they do, it won't hurt you. this absorbs the spin. vinegar can cut the grease. all natural, easy and inexpensive. i put a bit of baking soda in the sink. it's great for a lot of things. i put 1/4 of baking soda, four ounces.
3:02 am
this is like mount st. helen's. this is a great way to test if your baking soda is still good. if it doesn't fizz, it isn't good. when that stops bubbling, put in a kettle of hot water to really clean it. you've got to wait until it all stops bubbling. a great way, and i know we love vodka for so many reasons, but you can actually, would you like to spray? >> no, thank you. i'm a wino. >> we've got that, too. you can clean the sink with vodka. >> why vodka? >> it's the cheap stuff. you want to enjoy the holidays. have some for yourself and clean at the same time. >> where else would we learn these helpful hints. >> another is baby oil. if you put baby oil around, it will help from collecting the dirt on the sides and bead up.
3:03 am
rub a little bit of baby oil around your sink. >> less than a minute. >> here we go. stuff marks. put this on. like joan rivers said, we were not put on earth to get down there unless there are diamonds down there. >> look. >> nothing but the tennis ball. >> lemonade, premix. it will clean your dishwasher. >> really? >> yes. because of the citric acid. it works. >> lastly. you don't have any dishes, scoop and serve. get squashes, put in cranberry sauce and dips. then when you're done, you just toss those away. maintain the manicure. of course, i hate wasting anything so vodka and lemonade. we have lemon drinks. happy holidays.
3:04 am
>> tomorrow, al roker is going to stay late with us. he has a book out. >> ten secrets of happy people. he has a book out. >> ten secrets of happy people. see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- from "happy endings," comedian, captions by vitac ♪


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